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Oct. 3rd, 2004 | 07:39 pm

Ok, so I've been caught by cops over each of the last two weekends. Last night was not as bad at all, though. Me, Kirsten, Ben, and Andrew Haines were just skating in the church parking lot, and Ben had his system turned really loud playing Morning View in his Mustang, and then the cops pulled into the parking lot. Ben ran to his car to turn down the music, so the cop got out of th car cause he thought he was trying to hide something. He searched his car, made him walk the line, flashed the light in his eyes, and he even saw the bottle that had the rum and Coke in it that Andrew was drinking... Ben said there was just water in it, and the cop asked if he smelt it would it still be rum and Coke, and Ben asked, "Do you want to smell it?" And the cop turned him down, thank God... Yeah, and I had Brian's freaking blunt in my car, so I was scared. Those guys are cool, and definitely random. So that's fun. Kirsten's like, "How can you not go to Homecoming out of your entire high school?" or something like that, and then she got the idea that me and Andrew should go together. And then we could all drink at the after party, which wouldn't be the case with Courtney. And then she said that it would make Andrew's Homecoming a lot better, and I said, "Why? Cause he'll be drunk?" I'm really stupid...

Haha it was really funny Kirsten and I were on the way home from Best Buy and I just decided to start driving with one foot instead of two, and I was like jerk stopping and everything... couldn't drive. But I'm going to continue with it, because I find it rather entertaining.

Gordon came to Cafe East yesterday, and we talked for awhile. He's still really nice to me, but it's weird too. There's the cloud known as Charles floating over us that we both know is there but avoid talking about.

I'm listening to all my old Backstreet and Nsync CDs in my car and it's really badass... there's actually a good amount of bass in those songs. Makes me really want a system, bad... I still need like $300 more to get a decent one though.

I'm high, so high, like Ben Franklin's kite... not really, but I just thought I'd mention,

7 days without Harry Potter makes one weak.

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