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Oct. 11th, 2004 | 03:19 pm
mood: relaxed
music: Modest Mouse - Life Like Weeds

"simply amazing, but a little pessimistic, a year ago, i probably would have said a little too optimistic, trust me, you wont be disappointed forever" - That just really strikes me as funny. And hopefully it's the truth. It's talking about a the Modest Mouse song "Life Like Weeds". I'm looking at song meanings to compare them to what I thought the song was about... soon we're having a speech where we interpret a song and I want to do a Modest Mouse song. But, anyway, back to the quote I posted up there... "you wont be disappointed forever" wow, that really kinda does apply. So you have periods in your life where everything's great, and then periods where you feel like your shit and want to end it all... so this reminds me of that. Yeah, things aren't nice and peachy right now, but it won't last forever. Things change... remember that, Ellen.

So this morning, after my mom had gone to work, me and Kirsten went to Home Depot and bought a fire escape ladder. We took out the screen on my window and then hung it down. And it is so freaking loud. I think we are going to duck tape the inside ends of it. We were both to scared to go down it but my brother did just fine. So that's comforting. Excellent, now we can stay out till like 5am whenever we want. Then we climbed my garage which attaches to my house and we just chilled up there, taking in the sunlight and the breeze. Perfect weather.

Last night was a little funny. Me and Kirsten watched Gone with the Wind, which sucked, because it's like four hours long. Then we went to the church to skate, then to Provincial, then back to my house to grab the alcohol. We were driving around looking for a spot when Andrew called, so we picked him and his friend Chase up, and ended up going to the bayou. Kirsten drank, but I didn't, cept for a few sips of Baileys... Then we went to Andrew's house and hung out in his room, looked at his Germany photos. When we came back to my house we met up with Bryce. Kirsten was pretty drunk by this time... Gordon passed by and yelled my name, and Kirsten ran after the car he was in because she wanted to tell him how he looked like Ivan. She just kept on talking and talking. So I had to pull her away, but not before Gordon mentioned that Charles had gotten completely floored that night, which totally put a damper on my mood. Grr I became really pissed, this sounds stupid, but I had the fact that he's having fun... he needs to suffer. ;) Then Kirsten said that he's really gross and greasy, and Gordon looked really confused... Haha. That's about it... Bryce wanted to go on a walk so he could smoke, but I said hell no, with Kirsten around it's never a good idea.

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from: somekindofmagic
date: Oct. 18th, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)

You need to chill out about the greasy kid and not let stuff like that affect your mood so much. It has been more than two months now since the break up, and you barely dated him for a month -- the summer DOES NOT count whatever you might try to say. Dude -- it was all in your head.

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